Queen: Love and War: Korean Drama Review – Episode 1 – 4

Queen: Love and Battle is a recurring Oriental historic drama that airs every Saturday and Sunday. It started relaying on December 14th of 2019, and also it will have an overall of sixteen episodes. Sypnosis: Kang Eun Bo is on a goal to find the individual that killed her twin sis. She vows to bring whoever it is to justice. Yet throughout the Joseon Dynasty age (1392-1910), the only woman with the power to purchase a manhunt for a killer is the Queen. So Kang Eun Bo resolves to come to be Queen. To do so, she has to initially win the heart of King Lee Kyung. After entering the royal residence as a prospect for the position of queen, Kang Eun Bo discovers that winning the king’& rsquo; s favour will not be very easy. The royal court is currently filled with lovely young women that wish to wed the king. Yet when the king instantly realizes that he acknowledges Kang Eun Bo from a desire, both start to form an unlikely bond.

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My Expectations: I do not anticipate much from the series because I originally did not plan to view it. Viki kept promoting it, so I made a decision to inspect it out and also understand what the press was all about. My only prayer is that they will certainly not make me invest hrs enjoying sixteen episodes of the villains constantly winning and afterwards provide me a hurried finale. Please be excellent 🙏 🏼 🙏 🏼

(warning –– looters ahead)


Honestly, I will have to state that as of now, there is second best concerning this drama. It is virtually the conventional Sageuk formula with revenge, political battles and also the constant kdrama saying of youth romance. The murder secret is the only point maintaining me glued. The very first two episodes were just there, but by the third one, the story started getting.

Okay, let me backtrack a little. I absolutely love the one-minute intro for this dramatization, most especially the soundtrack that plays throughout that time. I was completely enchanted by it. I likewise like the costume colours. Historical collection are constantly a charm to enjoy because of the colours as well as elegance.

Now the timeline arrangement in the initial few minutes of episode one was rather confusing, yet I recognized that there was going to be a recall that will offer a description. So that was very little of a concern. Something I discovered is that every person pertaining to the royal residence has a prejudice, as well as they are all scheming in the direction of achieving their plans. A couple of still have their mask on (cough)😶 –– Lee Jae Hwa. Also Eun Gi was aware that the woman the king satisfied was her double sibling, however yet she accompanied his assumption. It was still unfortunate that she passed away, but she was likewise not genuine.

In the initial two episodes, Lee Kyung came off as an extremely naive ruler. By openly revealing his affection for a candidate before the last, he had currently put her life at risk. Likewise, he made promises without making plans that ensured his word. The good news is, he has found out, and we can now see him display his tricks and also minds in court. I really hope that he obtains more people on his side soon and that he actually does well in securing Eun Bo this moment around. One more thing –– the gunshot to the king’& rsquo; s head, did it really experience or was it just a graze. I am trying not to question it, however that plotline is kind of doubtful since I am not sure of exactly how deep the injury was.

Anyways, I think Lee Jae Hwa may be the shooter that shot Eun Bo’& rsquo; s twin sister. He is sketchy, I do not like two-faced people. And I am so not expecting the love triangle that will drop. Love triangles drain my power.

Lastly, am I the only one that feels like the run-through for this drama does not exactly go in sync with the story that has been revealed so far. It does not mention that Eun Bo’& rsquo; s twin sis was the queen. I think that was overlooked to stop looters, but it likewise takes place to state that the King is not curious about romance. Hmmm, as well as obviously he sees Eun Bo in his dreams. Is that not their memory together as youngsters? This is not important, it is simply something I observed.

Personality Evaluation: I am mosting likely to touch on the personalities that stuck out to me so far, and also I will resolve the others in due time.

  • Jin Se Yeon as Kang Eun Bo/Kang Eun Gi This is my 3rd dramatization with Ji Se Yeon in a lead function. I previously saw her in The Bridal Mask and also Physician Stanger, but I still have actually not obtained a real preference of her performing skills. Until now, she is doing a great work in this collection, and her personality seems very appealing. As Eun Gi, she was soft-spoken as well as really mild, yet as Eun Bo, she has high energy and is rather sharp. Likewise, I assume her connections with the examination agency may be of excellent help to her as queen. She will certainly require all the support she can access. I admire the reality that she does not act rashly based on her questions worrying the King. She really examines. I wish she quits thinking everything that Baek Ja Yong tells her. He is using her to achieve his goals. I understand this will be a reason for conflict at some time.
  • Kim Minutes Kyu as Lee KyungYes he does start a bit naive and weak. However if he continues to maintain and also enhance the energy from episodes 3 and 4, he may turn out to be a solid personality. I value his zeal to rule his nation in properly as well as serve his people as a ruler should. However, with all the pressures versus him in court, there will be a lengthy battle to attain that ideal. I was so mad when they demonstrated how he was intimidated as a youngster to sign the petition versus Eun Bo’& rsquo; s father. That is just brutal, so his revenge should use up the very same power. Additionally, I assume he signed the letter with the incorrect character since Eun Bo continued taking a look at it suspiciously, however we will certainly see exactly how things go. All the same, he requires to find out how to conceal his intentions much more as well as start working in the direction of obtaining reliable people to his side.
  • Do Sang Woo as Lee Jae HwaLike I already pointed out, I do not appreciate this character thus far. Yes, he respects Eun Bo and constantly saves her, however the fact that he is outlining something unidentified and pretends to be somebody else truly throws me off. What happens if he in fact ends up being the shooter that eliminated Eun Gi? & hellip; Ooo, the dishonesty. Now he is already in love with Eun Bo, yet she is going to be Queen. That will just cause him to want the throne more, which suggests he might not stay wonderful for too lengthy. I recognize that some individuals already captured the “& ldquo; second lead disorder,” & rdquo; yet I am so not decreasing that lane. I can plainly see where this watercraft is cruising to. I hope he surprises me due to the fact that, up until now, I do not have a good perception of Lee Jae Hwa.
  • Uhm Hyo Below as Baek Ja YongStarting out this dramatization, I sensed that he was not entirely credible. This star often tends to handle bad guy duties, so I did not think the act, but I still gave him the advantage of the doubt. Sadly, I was right. He is so manipulative. I believe he was adjusting Eun Bo’& rsquo; s father as well, but there is no evidence of that yet. He does neglect Eun Bo’& rsquo; s security, all that matters is the power to make the adjustment he desires. Why does he withhold the entire reality from her? He chooses the components that match the narration to lure her, so frustrating.
  • Jung Ae Ri as Queen Dowager Her character is kind of interesting. She certainly was not happy regarding Lee Kyung living. At the same time, she does things that might resemble she sustains the king. My viewpoint is that her program is to combat versus the Queen’& rsquo; s clan. Basically, she agrees to do anything to quit the Kim clan from gaining more control in court. Also if it implies killing her grandson, who holds blood relations with them. I am excited to see exactly how her character progresses as well as what her actual objectives are.

Although Queen: Love as well as War did not provide a strong best, it does have the prospective to get better. So I will be expecting more episodes.

What do you all think about the collection so far?

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