Red Velvet – Psycho: Kpop Music Review

Red Velour simply launched a repackaged cd – ‘– & lsquo; The ReVe Event’ & rsquo; Ending, which includes the title track “& ldquo; Psycho & rdquo; Red Velour is a South Oriental girl group managed by SM Enjoyment. The team consists of 5 participants –– Irene, Wendy, Joy, Seulgi and also Yeri. They formally debuted as a four-member group on the 1st of August, 2014 with the electronic single – “– & ldquo; Happiness. & rdquo; Later on, in March 2015, Yeri was added to the team as the 5th participant.

(Note –– this is a real-time testimonial, suggesting I am typing down my specific thoughts while paying attention to this track.)

Response to Authorities MV:

  • Damn, they already obtained me with that said high note. I am pumped and prepared for this to be a bop.
  • That note hits hard as a result of the silence at the beginning of this song. You do not anticipate it.
  • All the girls look magnificent.
  • I like this dark make-up look going on right here.
  • Great touch with the finger-snapping at the start.
  • What is this beat? It is weird, but I like it.
  • Yesss, Wendy honor me with your wild falsetto.
  • The carolers is best, and also I like the choreography. Very smooth and sharp.
  • The aesthetic appeals of this video is quite remarkable. I love exactly how whatever looks a bit went out.
  • Wait a minute there. Everybody appears terrific, but WHATEVER SEULGI JUST DID AT THE 1:37 MINUTE MARK DESERVES A REPLAY.
  • Woooh, she offered vocals on that line.
  • Irene’& rsquo; s charm is a blessing to my eyes. Just how can someone be so gorgeous and gifted?
  • The pre-chorus area is most definitely my favourite part of the song. That falsetto beginning always obtains me.
  • The important for this track is so good. I am not a music professional, so I can not explain all the exciting points I listen to appropriately.
  • Like simply listen to the beat right at the 2:54 minute mark of the music video. What is that? Whoever engineered this is a brilliant.
  • That component of the critical seem like a vehicle engine, yet it fits so well with the tune.
  • Red Velour always comes out with such speculative sounds, however it works for them.
  • Yesss & hellip;. to this ending area of the song “& ldquo; Hey now we & rsquo; ll be okay & hellip; it & rsquo; s alright.
  • & rdquo; I LIKE THIS. THIS IS DEFINITELY A BOP AND A HALF. lit, lit & hellip;. lit
  • 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏. Great work, Red Velvet.
  • They toenailed every part of this tune. I likewise like this concept.
  • Time to view the MV once more.
  • I think a couple of scenes in this music video referral some visuals from their previous video clips.
  • This is so excellent. The girls stood out off.
  • I enjoy this period for them.
  • I am including this track to my playlist. Likewise, I require the real album.
  • My rating for “& ldquo; Psycho & rdquo; by Red Velvet is 10/10.
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