Dramatic Blue – Kpop Group

Dramatic Blue is one of the most popular Kpop groups in the world. This K-pop group consists of members from various idol groups. The members all have similar images and skill sets. The members of the group are usually very attractive and sensual. Some members of the group are also known as’sexy’ or ‘cute’ girls. The other members of the group are usually rappers, dancers or just support vocals.

The members of the group are made up of Lee Gi-kwang, Woo Hyun, G.O, and Niel. Other members of the group are Sistar’s Bora, Secret’s Sunhwa, After School’s Lizzy, and 4Minute’s Joon. They have released several singles and mini albums.

The concept of “Color of K-POP” was conceived for a special stage at Gayo Daejeon 2012, a music competition that aims to showcase the diverse range of Korean pop music. For this special stage, the idol groups collaborated with some of the top producers in the world. Four major composers are also involved.

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