EXO – OBSESSION: Kpop Music Review

I am back, and also there is a lengthy checklist of music videos/albums to be reviewed, so allow us solve into it.

EXO released their new cd labelled fascination on the 27th of November. The title track is likewise called “& ldquo; Fascination & rdquo;. I saw the teasers, and also I love the dark principle. I understand I am really late with this evaluation, but a sis was so active these past few weeks. All the same, I am so fired up.

(This is a real-time testimonial, implying I am keying down my specific thoughts while listening to this tune.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • Right from the start, I am currently right into this noise.
  • Is it just me, or does this song produce a catch really feel?
  • The beat drop at the start already indicates for exactly how legendary this track will be.
  • Baekhyun gives me life.
  • The visuals type of remind me of “& ldquo; Monster &
  • rdquo;. For one reason or another, Kai’& rsquo; s crop tops keep getting shorter as well as much shorter with each resurgence. 😂 😂 😂
  • Okay, when Suho can be found in, I was shocked. Kid & hellip; that told you to look so gorgeous and also sound so incredible?
  • Oooohh, what is this – “– & ldquo; I don & rsquo;
  • t assume so. & rdquo; The beat for this track is insane.
  • I LIKE. It is official, “& ldquo; Fixation & rdquo; is currently a BOP as well as a half.
  • EXO came hard with this one. The visuals for this music video are remarkable.
  • Chanyeol’& rsquo; s raps are always on factor. He stays eliminating all his parts.
  • My preferred section is most definitely when they reach sing, “& ldquo; I don & rsquo;
  • t think so. & rdquo; The choreography looks great. I prepare to enjoy an online performance and dance practise.
  • Yesss to that splendid bridge and also Chen just slew me with his lovely high note. I am in room at this point. I LIKE THIS TUNE.
  • Additionally, Sehun’& rsquo; s slow talk-rap was the ideal build-up right into the bridge 👏 👏. The shift was flawless. He came in smooth and also left us more room to value the vocals.
  • So primarily, they are fighting another variation of themselves. Okay.
  • EXO’& rsquo; s harmonies are to die for. They such as to bend with their vocals a lot. My ears have been blessed.
  • Nah & hellip; STAND UP, Chen, Baekhyun and Suho just disrespected me with vocals in the direction of completion, but I am not grumbling.
  • All participants did fantastic for this resurgence. Everybody had their stand out moment, but I might not determine all of it because I was also active grooving to the tune.
  • Suho attracted attention a whole lot to me. That red suit with his red hair and then when they fired him in black/white & hellip; DAMN. Likewise, excuse me but ABS FOR DAYYYS & hellip; 😂 😂 😊 😊 😍. I love his look for this return.
  • I have to watch this video a couple of even more times to take everything in.
  • There is no disagreement here, “& ldquo; Fascination & rdquo; is a BOP, and I prepare to play this track on repeat. I currently added it to my playlist. Thank you, EXO.
  • This track is definitely a 10/10 for me.

I have to go now. I will certainly be checking out the full cd later on at my very own individual time.

Up until my next article, take care. 💕 💕

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