The Rose – I.L.Y: Song Of The Week

Hello everyone,

I know I skipped last week, but I did give a good album recommendation as a replacement. If there is anyone who has not read that post, click 👉🏼 KAI (Jung Ki-yeol) – KAI IN KOREA

Now onto the primary purpose of this post – The Rose is a South Korean band under J&Star Company. The group has four members: Kim Woo-sung, Park Do-joon, Lee Ha-joon and Lee Jae-hyeong. They made their official debut on the 3rd of August, 2017 with the digital single – “Sorry”. Before their mainstream appearance, they were already an indie group that wrote their own music while posting covers of songs on YouTube. img_1538I just recently discovered this band. I was listening to a Day6 album on Spotify, and after it ended, “She’s In The Rain” by The Rose played. I fell in love with the song, so I decided to check out the group. This week was not too busy for me, so I had enough time to listen to every song from The Rose, and I think I found my second favourite Korean band. I really love their music.

So that is why my chosen song for this week is “I.L.Y” by The Rose.

“I.L.Y” is such a soothing song. The soft piano start is so good. Also, Kim Woo-sung’s voice is beautiful, and the way the other members back up during the chorus is perfect. Anytime I listen to this song, I get chills whenever they sing, “I love you, our love is true… hug me”. The lyrics are really heartwarming. I have been listening to almost all their songs on repeat. However, I decided to pick “I.L.Y” as my song for this week because of how calm it is. I tend to gravitate more towards such relaxing songs during the winter season.

I hope you all enjoying listening to “I.L.Y” by The Rose and make sure to check out other songs from this band because they are amazing.


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