IU – LOVE POEM: Album Review

This is the return that I have actually been eagerly waiting for. IU is back with her ninth EP labelled Love poem. Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter as well as starlet. She is taken care of by Kakao M. IU started her career at the age of 15 with her cd –– Lost as well as Discovered. She accomplished significant success with her tune “& ldquo; Great Day & rdquo;. Since after that, IU has actually established herself as a music graph queen. Her newest release is currently Top 10 on the realtime graphes of significant music websites in South Korea.

This brand-new extended play attributes six tracks with “& ldquo; Blueming & rdquo; as the title track. For this resurgence, IU released two MVs, one for the title track “as well as another for the B-side track & ldquo; above the moment & rdquo;. According to IU, the style for this EP is love. Maybe love for an enthusiast, love for mankind, love for yourself or

also love for old times. (This is a real-time evaluation, suggesting I am keying down my specific ideas while listening per tune.)

Reaction to Official MV for Blueming:

  • Already from the thumbnail, I understand this is going to be extremely colourful.
  • Yes & hellip; you can never go wrong with a guitar start for a tune.
  • IU sounds stunning, as constantly.
  • I love the rhythm of this song.
  • The bass on this fairly hefty. I was not anticipating that considering that it is a sparkling song.
  • I made the ideal decision by paying attention to this track with earphones. I can feel the intensity of the instrumental throughout the chorus section.
  • The drums and also guitar on this track are unbelievable.
  • IU is so adorable as well as playful. I take pleasure in seeing her dancing.
  • There is a specific guitar note that stays continuous throughout the entire song. It includes a nice touch.
  • Her high notes and also singing runs seem truly excellent as expected.
  • I wonder what heaven flowers stand for. I barely understand anything regarding the interpretation of flowers, so excuse me. Also, the video does not have English captions, so I do not understand what she is singing around.
  • Until now, the only point I understand is that blueming type of means grow. She additionally sings, “& ldquo; I feel blue, & rdquo; but in a happy tone, so & hellip; I will certainly check for the English translations later on.
  • The bridge area in the direction of completion is perfect. The method she talk-sings during that section makes the track a lot more fascinating.
  • Also, IU looks actually good. I love this blue hair on her.
  • I truthfully was not expecting this tune to seem this way. When I first enjoyed the intro, I was expecting something similar to “& ldquo; BBIBBI & rdquo;, however & ldquo; Blueming & rdquo; is more of a rock-influenced bubbly track. It reminds me of “& ldquo; Jam & rdquo; from her Palette album. Just that “& ldquo; Jam & rdquo; is jazz-influenced.
  • All the same, “& ldquo; Blueming & rdquo; is a groove.
  • An excellent soft dance track. I really enjoyed paying attention to this song, and also the video was also intriguing to view.
  • Yet it may be low on my list after I listen to the entire album since I have a really feeling the various other tunes are going to be truly excellent.

Reaction to Official MV for above the time:

  • I have actually been anticipating this track and the video ever since the teaser was dropped. It is a continuation of her previous tune “& ldquo”; YOU&I & rdquo;. If you have actually not seen the music video for that song, no worries. I obtained you –
  • — Okay allow us begin, I am so ecstatic.
  • I am obtaining solid sentimental feels right from the first second.
  • Lee Hyun Woo & hellip; great to see you back. I want to obtain a new dramatization from him quickly.
  • Anyways back to the song & hellip; IU has purple hair in this. I love how fluffy her hair colours have actually been searching for this comeback. It type of advises me of fairy floss.
  • Already from the initial note she says, I recognize this is about to be a beautiful item.
  • The very same sort of time travel motif. Okay
  • She appears so adorable and divine. Like a little angel.
  • I like that – “– & ldquo;” umm, umm, umm & hellip; & rdquo; So wonderful. This video is so stunning
  • . For real, she sounds like an angel, as well as the timeless tools are including in that wonderful environment.
  • So does she finally reach satisfy the boy in this video clip?
  • I like just how lively her singing seems in this track. Even some sections of the important are extremely bouncy.
  • Oooo, I was not expecting that change up throughout the dance scene, yet both IU as well as Lee Hyun Woo look impressive.
  • The colours as well as lights for this music video are so motion picture. I could see this a lot and also never ever obtain tired of appreciating the aesthetic of the MV.
  • So the quickened of version of the important simply continues & hellip; Okay
  • IU’& rsquo; s voice is so good, and her high notes are actually impressive.
  • Alright, things decreased a bit in the direction of completion. I appreciate how the tune finished.
  • “& ldquo; above the time & rdquo; offered me musical feels. The majority of particularly towards completion.
  • There are no English captions, so I can not understand much of what she is stating, but I really like it when she sings – “– & ldquo; I will call your name, delay.”
  • & rdquo; From the video clip, I really feel that Lee Hyun Woo is now awake and also well, but IU is embeded a various globe. Sort of. So although she handled to save him, they still can not be together. I might be wrong, but when I check out the translation, I will certainly obtain an essence of what is occurring.
  • I require to pay attention to this track again. A great deal was going on, and also I stopped working to catch all of it.
  • I am always below for a great piano piece, so I like exactly how the track starts.
  • The little whistling she does is so cute.
  • That soft jingle like noise during the very first minute of the track is interesting, but I might not pick out what instrument they made use of to develop such an unique sound.
  • Also, the history vocals on this track are trancelike.
  • Yesss & hellip; to the classic addition and IU’& rsquo; s high notes. Such an excellent combination to offer me chills.
  • Okay, now, I just need to praise the make-up because the complexity of the instrumental is astonishing. Incredible production.
  • I actually & hellip;. truly love “& ldquo; above the time & rdquo;. It is absolutely one of my favourites. I feel this could have been a perfect title track, but I think IU intended to opt for something more bubbly.

Cd Evaluation: Alright, thus far, I have actually paid attention to 3 tracks on this EP – “– & ldquo; – “Blueming & rdquo;– & ldquo; above the time & rdquo; and & ldquo; Love poem & rdquo;, which was the pre-release solitary. Currently it is time to hear what the continuing to be 3 need to offer.

  1. unlucky – — Love the key-board begin. I live for how IU’& rsquo; s voice can be so soft however yet very powerful. I enjoy the melody of this tune, and also her little humming always obtains me. When you are so excellent that you begin to balance with your background vocals, LOL. What is that noise that she makes after the initial knowledgeable? Hahahaha, so cute. The note on the piano remains continuous, as well as her voice maintains obtaining greater, after that they begin including brand-new components right into the instrumental. I like this song. IU’& rsquo; s vocal runs are also excellent. I am currently dancing to this 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼. A best way to begin the cd. “& ldquo; unlucky & rdquo; is so groovy. Her voice is smooth. In the last couple of secs, the way the instrumental quit of the mix for a while, leaving the focus on just her voice provided me cools. IU is an excellent vocalist.
  2. The site visitor – — One more song I was truly eagerly anticipating on this cd. Yesss & hellip; once more, a guitar begin never stops working. WAIT??? what is making that trendy rhythm. No. no, I have to reactivate this tune. I require to figure something out. Initially, it seems like it is coming from the guitar, yet in the future, it seems to be drums. I am confused, but whatever is taking place is extremely pleasant to my ears. Apparently, this tune was composed by IU. Her voice on this is to die for. I ENJOY THIS TRACK. Whoever is playing the guitar on this track is so talented. The roughness of the guitar took me on a ride, many twists and turns. SO BEAUTIFUL. “& ldquo; The site visitor & rdquo; is one more much-loved for me. The whole time listening to this track, I was in awe. Like wow, wow.
  3. Blueming – — I really enjoy this tune. The intensity of the guitar as well as her singing runs are gorgeous. Yet remember, I claimed it may be short on my list. I knew it. The other tunes are just remarkably good. I can not choose, so I am just going to dance to it and also not stress over rating the tracks. IU blessed me with a gorgeous cd, so I may too appreciate it fully 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼. Once more, the drums on this tune are impressive.
  4. over the moment – — This is a masterpiece. Nobody can alter my mind. I have already claimed a whole lot concerning it, so allow me take pleasure in the moment.
  5. Lullaby – — A soft track. I constantly delight in an excellent ballad. This is really calming. I wish I might see IU execute live. Oh my, her voice is just out of this world. I like exactly how raw this track seems, I can hear her breathing. I like it when ballad songs are not too excessively refined. The crucial on this is rather simple, so her voice is what really carries the song. It is main people. I like each and every single track on the album. Thank you IU, this will maintain me till following year. SO CALMING.
  6. Love poem –– This is a heartfelt tune. I have actually listened to it numerous times since it was released, as well as I also shared it on the Facebook page for this blog. The lyrics are so calming, as well as the melody is stunning. I in some cases play it during the night as well as simply sleep. That is exactly how calming this track is for me. IU toenailed every single note of “& ldquo; Love poem & rdquo;. I simply wish that as she provides convenience for others, she will certainly be comforted.

Now it is time to pay attention to each song once again. While I do that, here is a preview of the EP –

— Final Ideas:

The entire EP lasted for 25 minutes, and also I truly enjoyed every second. This album is a work of art. Once again, IU surpassed herself. She never disappoints. My ranking for the EP –– Love rhyme is a solid 10/10. I am not also mosting likely to bother with placing the songs due to the fact that every one was equally lovely. I still have my favourites, however I will be listening to the entire cd for a long, long period of time.

If you have not paid attention to IU’& rsquo; s new cd currently, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON? Go inspect it out, you are bound to like a few tunes or even all.

This is all I have you people today. Till my next article, take care. 💕 💕

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