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While watching Pretty Proofreader, I was really impressed by the styling for Ishihara Satomi’s character. Etsuko’s outfits were not too over the top. Instead, they were simple, colourful and well put together. I could definitely take some inspiration from her and go about my regular day without looking like I am about hit a runaway. Watching her on-screen really made me appreciate Japanse fashion.

So because I really loved the styling for Etsuko, I decided to make a post about my favourite looks from her.

#. One of my top looks from her was whenever she wore a long overcoat with a thick muffler. I like how the scarves shaped her face, and the coats were always elegant and colourful.Screenshot (149)

  • I absolutely loved this yellow trenchcoat on Etsuko. Yellow is not a colour I usually gravitate to when shopping, but I would not mind purchasing this. The choice of white for the inner clothes really adds to the elegance of this outfit.  She looked stunning. I also love the beads and earrings she had on.img_1201Screenshot (148)
  • Here is another example. I love the grey muffler. I really need to get something similar for this coming winter.Screenshot (144)
  • A blue blazer overcoat with floral embroidery on it. The muffler for this outfit is cute, and I like how Etsuko’s hair was styled for this look.Screenshot (127)Screenshot (123)img_1163img_1175

#. Still on coats:

  • I really want this red trenchcoat. She was wearing a simple t-shirt underneath, and her shoes are perfect. I do not have the stamina for pointy heals, so chunky heels are my go-to.img_1219
  • I used to be into berets, but I left most of mine back home before moving to Canada. My two favourite pieces of this outfit are the coat and her boots. I plan to search online for something similar.img_1196
  • Here are other beautiful coat outfits from Etsuko’s wardrobe – img_1133img_1149

#. Now moving to jackets:

  • When it comes to jackets, I gravitate more towards jeans and leather because I feel that they can be paired with anything. And then I eventually purchase other styles just to boost up my wardrobe. Etsuko rocked a few impressive jacket looks, so here are my favourites –

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    #. Two-pieces outfits:
  • This is one of my favourite outfits from her. I love everything about it. The pieces of jewelry she had on were stunning, and I want her purse. I will probably have to search for something similar. Honestly, Asian dramas make me spend unnecessary money. Sometimes it is fashion, and then other times it is food.😂😂😂
    img_1214Screenshot (156)Screenshot (155)
  • Nowadays, people tend to wear pants more often than skirts, and I am included in that group of people. Most of the styles I see in stores are not what I like and shopping online can be confusing due to size variations.
  • I love how Etsuko rocked skirts in the drama. The only thing that threw me off was the socks with heels. That is a no for me.
  • These are my favourite skirt and blouse outfits from Etsuko –img_1176img_1195img_1095img_1130
  • I like the accessories for this particular outfit. From the round glasses to the neck scarf and her jewelry. Everything looked great on her.Screenshot (133)
  • More two-piece looks –img_1091img_1094img_1117img_1172

#. And finally the dresses –

  • These are the few dresses worn by Etsuko that I would definitely want in my wardrobe.img_1115img_1097img_1123img_1104

Another notable thing to mention about Kuono Etsuko is her hairstyles. She always had a different hairstyle for each outfit. They really did a lot with her hair, and Ishihara Satomi looked pretty with every one of these hairstyles.

  • My favourite is this  –Screenshot (159)
  • And here are a few other hairstyles I was able to capture –

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    That is all for this post, guys. This is a bit different from my regular stuff, so if you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comment section.

Until my next post, take care.💖💖💖

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