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As part of my initiative to check out more groups/artists, I decided to review the November comebacks and debuts that I missed. So this post is going to be a bit long.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the songs.)

Jessi Feat. Jay Park – 

On November 1st, Jessi released her new single titled “Drip”img_1428

Review of “Drip”:

  • It has a very bouncy beat. I love that.
  • This is actually my first time hearing anything from Jessi, and I am here for her groove.
  • I love the rasp of her voice.
  • I can definitely hear American rap music influence. Jessi is Korean-American, so that makes sense.
  • I admire her confidence. Her vibe and style is quite unique.
  • Jay Park came in and killed his verse as expected. His flow was TOO GOOD.
  • This is such a party song.
  • I mean, if I want to hype myself, then this is the song.
  • The music video is simple and fitting. Jessi and Jay Park both look good.
  • Also, I was not surprised by the sexual lyrics. I was kind of expecting it.
  • I really enjoyed listening to “Drip,” so I am going to go ahead and check her other song “Who Dat B” –
  • The music video for “Who Dat B” is more artistic. I absolutely love her tone and style. I also love the outfits she had on, she looked stunning.
  • My rating for “Drip” is 9.5/10 because even though it is a LIT song, it is not something that I see myself listening to regularly. I have a mood for such songs.


On November 4th, VICTON came back with their fifth EP titled nostalgia. “nostalgic night” is the title track. img_1429

Review of “nostalgic night”:

  • This is also my first time hearing anything from VICTON. I do not know anything about this group. So depending on how this song sounds, I might do more research on them.
  • Beautiful melody in the beginning.
  • They have good vocalists.
  • At the start, it feels like their voices are being overshadowed by the instrumental, but it gets better. I wonder if that is an artistic choice.
  • I absolutely love the chorus section.
  • The instrumental has an EDM vibe, which I enjoy.
  • The rap part was short and perfect. I love the deeper voice used for the ad-libs during that section.
  • I am going to listen to this song again before giving my rating.
  • So I did a little research and noticed that they debuted in 2016. So VICTON is a relatively new group.
  • I enjoyed listening to this song, but I will have to check out more songs from them to really get into their groove.
  • “nostalgic night” is a beautiful track, but the volume of the instrumental kept distracting me. My rating for this song is 9/10.


HINAPIA officially debuted on the 3rd of November with the song “DRIP”img_1430

Review of “DRIP”: 

  • Another drip song…
  • So apparently four members of Pristin which recently disbanded are in this group. I never listened to any song from Pristin, so this is all new for me.
  • Okay, straight up from the start, this seems promising.
  • I love their outfits. They all look amazing.
  • The way they say “drip, drip, drip…. drip, drip, drip” is really catchy.
  • One member is really standing out for me. I have to pause the video and figure out who it is……
  • Okay, I am back, and I found out that her name is Gyeongwon. She is the lead rapper and vocalist. I love her voice and vibe.
  • I am actually glad that they are not doing an overly cutesy concept.
  • I think this is an excellent debut song. It is catchy enough, and the girls all sound great.
  • I am going to check out their live performances before giving my rating.
  • This is a hard one. I love the song, but only certain parts stood out for me. So my rating for “DRIP” is 8.5/10.
  • I will keep an eye out for HINAPIA’s future releases.

(G)I-DLE –

On the 3rd of November, (G)I-DLE released an official music video for their Final Queendom stage single “LION”img_1425

Review of “LION”:

  • This is my first time listening to anything from them. I have not watched Queendom yet, but I heard a lot of good reviews about this song. So I really hope it lives up to the hype (fingers crossed).
  • Ooooh, I love how it starts. That dark and deep tone is such a perfect way to get my attention.
  • Also, the drums are perfect. It gives the song an epic feel.
  • Yesss, I am here for this chorus. So much power.
  • I absolutely love the visuals for the music video. It screams royalty. Also, the switch from black/white to colour added a nice touch to the video.
  • The accessories they have on their fingers are beautiful. I usually see that in Chinese historical dramas.
  • Thankfully, I have subtitles that mention which member is singing at each point because Minnie is serving vocals. They all sound great, but she is giving me LIFE.
  • Yesss queens rock your crowns.
  • Every section of the song is so good, but the chorus, DAMN.
  • Soyeon came in with her rap and left me in awe once she said: “I’m a queen.” At this point, I am lost for words.
  • I am so late on discovering these girls. I need to check out more songs from them. I always see their videos on YouTube, but I just never felt the need to click.
  • I am in love. I love the message of the song, the delivery. Their voices and outfits. Everything was so well put together.
  • I need to listen to this again.
  • That “ooh I’m a lion, I’m a queen” gives me chills.
  • Time to check out a live performance –
  • I am SHOCKED. This is pure FIRE. Their aura on stage is impressive.
  • My rating for “LION” is a solid 10/10. I have added it to my personal playlist.
  • I always love discovering powerful girl groups because I am all for female empowerment.


BVNDIT released their EP – BE! on the 5th of November. “Dumb” is the title track.img_1433

Review of “Dumb”:

  • This is a very new group. They debuted in April of this year.
  • Already loving the visuals for the music video.
  • This is giving me a Latin/dancehall vibe.
  • I love the voice of whoever started the song.
  • The way the song sped up for the chorus was not what I was expecting, but it still sounds great.
  • They are all fantastic vocalists. The ad-libs, high notes, and runs are perfect.
  • The beat does not change much throughout the song.
  • I only started getting into the groove of this song at the last minute. So I will have to listen to it again before I give my rating.
  • Once again, the vocals really stood out.
  • I love that each girl got an opportunity to shine. This is why I prefer smaller groups.
  • They all look gorgeous.
  • The choreography is outstanding.
  • The music video does not have a lot going on, so more attention is on the girls, and they are impressive dancers.
  • I think they are great for rookies.
  • I enjoyed this song after listening to it a few more times.
  • My rating for “Dumb” is 9/10.

Final Thoughts:

I love checking out new groups outside of my regular favourites.  I had a fantastic time listening to each song.

There are more comebacks that I am yet to review, so stay tuned for a follow-up post.


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