Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 6

For this episode, the girls will be taking charge of the dates. I am excited to see how things turn out.

Screenshot (171)

  • I love the cafe that Wu Pei chose for her date with Yi Chen. I am not the biggest fan of pets, but I admit that the concept of having a pet cafe is cute.
  • I still feel that Yi Chen is not suited for Wu Pei. He likes her as a person, but there is nothing more than that coming from him. Yes, they have things in common, and they do get along well. But if his heart is not fully there, then what is the point?
  • If Yi Chen was really interested in Wu Pei, then I will be all for it because she is a charming and genuine person.
  • I love that Wu Pei has become more straight forward recently. It is a great character trait, but it can also hurt her if she does not get the desired results. All the same, Wu Pei and Yi Chen’s date was lovely.img_1274Screenshot (177)
  • The difference is so evident when Yi Chen is with Zhang Tian. He becomes more attentive and interactive. That shows that his interest is there, and he is fully present.
  • Zhang Tian and Yi Chen’s date was fitting for them. They are adorable together.Screenshot (183)Screenshot (179)Screenshot (184)
  • At the beginning of the show, I was more focused on pairing the housemates up. But recently, I have decided to lay back and just see how everyone progresses. I want to look at everything that happens with a more open mind.
  • Kai Wen looked really good in this episode. She and Qi Jun are cute and comfortable with each other. The interactions during their date felt very natural. Screenshot (186).pngScreenshot (188).pngScreenshot (187)
  • Kai Wen and Qi Jun’s date might actually be my favourite. It gave off a very relaxing vibe. They were not trying too hard, but rather just enjoying their time together.
  • Side Talk based on Qi Jun and Kai Wen’s conversation – A lot of people cannot be alone, they always feel the need to be attached to someone. That someone might be a friend or their partner. For sure, spending time with others is terrific if you are with the right crowd, but I think it is also good to learn how to be comfortable with being alone for a while. Most notably, with relationships, because most people act like being single for a few weeks is going to kill them.
  • Anyways, this entire episode was full of memes because of the reactions from the panel members. They were tormented with all the sweet moments.
  • Damn, I cannot believe Zhengru did not choose Huang Zheng Xuan. Why do they all go for someone who is clearly not available? So now what happens to William and Zheng Xuan?
  • Victoria’s laugh from winning the bet on who Zhengru was going to choose for her date took me out😂😂😂😂. She now has five heart signal stones.
  • For anyone wondering, the heart signal stones are awarded to members of the panel if they make the right predictions for the text messages.
  • Yi Chen was also very interactive on his date with Zhengru, and I love the first place she took him to. It was stunning, and now I want to go somewhere similar.Screenshot (195)Zhengru is really cute and funny. I understand her worries about being the last person to enter the house and feeling like she is now interfering with already set connections.
  •  I think the main reason why three out of the four girls are into Yi Chen is not just because he is good looking but also because he is attentive, gentle and laid back. So maybe that makes him very easy to get along with. This is just my guess.
  • Also, Yi Chen is in a tight spot. By the end of all three dates, he looked drained and conflicted. I guess being liked by so many people has put pressure on him, but he needs to decide fast instead of going along with all three ladies.
  • Texting Results – Screenshot (197).png

– Zhang Tian, Wu Pei and Zhengru all texted Yi Chen.

– Yi Chen sent a text message to Zhang Tian.

– Kai Wen and Qi Jun sent text messages to each other.

– William sent a text to Kai Wen.

– Zheng Xuan sent a text to Zhengru.

  • Seriously at this point, the love triangle and love pentagon going on are becoming tiring to watch.Screenshot (198)Screenshot (199)

This episode seemed way longer than usual, but it was really insightful. I have four episodes left, and at this point, I am not really concerned about who ends up together. I just want to see how they all grow as the show progresses.

That is all for this post. The English subbed version of this show is accessible with this link: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

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