Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 5

It is time to allow you all recognize my ideas on the 5th episode of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Variation). Allow us see just how the new housemate trembles things up.

  • Jia Lun is out the panel for this episode.
  • I actually love Wu Pei’& rsquo; s new hairstyle.
  • She is so quite. Wu Pei, Zhang Tian and Kai Wen all have different style designs, however they are all similarly pretty and also classy.
  • Woman’& rsquo; s hangout– while discussing their dates with the boys, I could absolutely tell that Zhang Tian was noting her area. She wanted the other women to recognize that she and Yi Chen are a best pair. There were a lot of refined remarks taking place between her and Wu Pei. I liked just how Wu Pei responded to all of Zhang Tian’& rsquo; s attempts to markdown Yi Chen as her very own. Nobody should be classified caring a person younger. It is not a criminal activity.
  • I discover it amusing that they sent out the boys on a secret date with the new lady. Might also be very discreet to stay clear of tension from the existing girls in the house. 😂 😂 😂
  • We have a brand-new housemate –– Pan Zhengru (Pearl). She is attractive and has a really soft voice. She is an occasion organizer. I believe all the housemates have terrific work. The meeting between her and also the young boys started really silent as well as awkward, but luckily Zheng Xuan had the ability to start up a discussion, and also others joined in eventually.
  • Victoria and also Zheng Kai are so adorable. I live for their funny moments with each other on the panel.
  • The adverts thrown in between the show are awkwardly placed, and they really feel even more misplaced when the housemates do it.
  • Zhang Tian was really on the defence in this episode. The lady is seeing to it that nobody takes her male 😂 😂 😂. Yet I really feel the main reason that Yi Chen is not as enthusiastic as before is because of her previous flick day with Zheng Xuan.
  • When they decided that the loser of the video game was going to play truth or risk, I was inside yelling NOOOOOO, PLEASE DO NOT. Truth or Dare is an unsafe game.
  • Anytime Wu Pei is on display, I can not aid however stare at her eyes. I do not know why, LOL.
  • Zhengru’& rsquo; s solution throughout the video game reveals that she agrees to open up regarding her weak points yet additionally works with improving herself. Also, I really feel that Zheng Xuan might be interested in her
  • My predictions for this episode’& rsquo; s texts were as follows—- Yi

– Chen and also Zhang Tian will send sms message per various other.

–– Zhengru and Zheng Xuan will certainly likewise send out text messages to every other.

–– Wu Pei will certainly send a sms message to Yi Chen.

–– Qi Jun will certainly send out a text to Kai Wen.

–– William will likewise send out a text to Kaiwen.

–– Hmm, Kai Wen is a tough one. I feel she might text William.

  • Okay, so there is a new rule worrying the sending out of sms message. Obviously, the housemates can just send out messages yet will certainly not receive any. I am still a little bit confused regarding just how this rule will function, however this decision was made to help in reducing the pressure.
  • The panel’& rsquo; s forecasts were the same as mine.
  • Final Result –

–—- Yi Chen and Zhang Tian sent sms message to every other.

–– Zhengru as well as Zheng Xuan sent out sms message to every various other.

–– Wu Pei sent out a text to Yi Chen.

–– Qi Jun as well as Kai Wen sent out text messages to every various other.

–– William sent out a message to Kaiwen.

  • Kai Wen keeps confusing me. Her signals are weird.
  • I have stated this many times already, yet here I go once more. William as well as Wu Pei need to alter their technique.

It seems the girls reach asks the guys out on days for the following episodes. I am type of delighted concerning that. Also, the love triangulars will get even more warmed than in the past. That is all I have for this post, loves. The English subbed version of the program is available with this web link: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

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