Dawen Wang – BEAUTIFUL: Song Of The Week

The chosen song for this week is Beautiful by Dawen WangDawen Wang is an American singer-songwriter. He gained popularity through making Chinese covers of popular songs on YouTube. Dawen currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan. He has released four studio albums so far and also has a good number of OSTs for Taiwanese dramas.

“Beautiful” is the opening theme song for the 2013 Taiwanese TV series, Deva Ju. The series stars Mandy Wei and How Yao as leads.

I totally forgot about this song, but thankfully I got to listen to it again while doing a very quick rewatch of Deja Vu. I finally added it to my personal playlist, and it has been on repeat since then.

The instrumental on this track is astonishing. The arrangement of the piano, violin and cello is so perfect, it really reaches out for the listener’s heart. Also, Dawen’s voice is incredible. The entire song is just what it claims to be from the title, Beautiful.

Here is the English translation:

First Verse –

  • Beautiful, beautiful
  • Apart from this, I have no other way to describe you.
  • The other words are inaccurate,
  • Not even a million words would suffice.
  • Beautiful, beautiful
  • Though these words, don’t sound creative,
  •  but please trust these pure feelings of mine,
  • as I would like you to understand the desire of my heart.

Chorus –

  • I want us to fall in love with each other
  • To watch the sunset and sunrise together.
  • To breathe your breath, and to look forward to you looking forward to me.
  • The only one that I can love is you, even when I am left with nothing.
  • Let us fall in love with each other,
  • and never ever to tell one another to depart.
  • To also feel perfected only when I have the beautiful you in my life.

Second verse:

  • Beautiful, beautiful,
  • right from your eyes to the bottom of your heart.
  • How long is this lifetime
  • That it allows us to understand what love is?

(Repeat Chorus)

  • The whole world becomes meaningful
  • Because of your one single response.

My favourite part of this song is definitely the chorus. I feel like I have been sleeping on Dawwen Wang’s music, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I cannot continue to neglect such a fantastic artist.

I hope you all enjoy listening to “Beautiful” and also go check out more songs from Dawen’s discography.




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