Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 1

Hello, the upper class.

I understand that I have not made a message for the past 2 weeks, sorry regarding that 🙏. I had wedding events to attend, household gatherings as well as likewise close friends to meet. Sometimes I wonder if any person really cares when I go ‘& lsquo; MIA & rsquo; 😂 😂 but oh well.

So I simply started seeing the 2nd period of Heart Signal (Chinese Variation), and I intended to share my ideas on what I have seen until now. I plan to continue doing this for every episode I enjoy.

Currently for those who have no idea what Heart Signal is, no concerns, I got you. Heart Signal is initially an Oriental selection show where 6 to eight strangers cohabit in the very same house for a month. Your home is known as the Signal House. Basically, the main objective of the program is to find if these 6 to 8 individuals can find love and also even build a partnership in the Signal Residence. Their objective is to send a confidential text to the person they like every night. The program additionally has panellists with different experiences in dating and also love. Individuals on the panel are put in a different studio where they can observe, comment and also attempt to anticipate the potential lovers in the Signal Home.

I am not the most significant follower of reality shows since I recognize that not everything I get to see in the final cut is the actual deal. A great deal of modifying has been done to make points look a certain way. But yet, I simply have a soft spot for love, so below I am 😊 😊.

So before I start tossing out my thoughts, right here is an official introduction of the panellist and cast participants for this period. There are 6 people on the panel as well as additionally 6 housemates in the Signal Residence.

(Pardon the photo high quality, I just needed to stick to screenshots).


–– Victoria Track

— Yang Chao Yue

–– Zheng Kai

–– Rainie Yang

–– Du Hai Tao

–– Liu Xuan

Signal Home Cast:

–– Chen Yi Chen

–– Zhan Qi Jun

–– Yang Kai Wen

–– William/ Wu Xiang Wei

–– Zhang Tian

–– Wu Pei

My Ideas on Episode 1:

  • My favorite minute is when Qi Jun informs Yi Chen that he is handsome. Yi Chen’& rsquo; s reaction was so amusing and the means Qi Jun said it was what made that minute much more entertaining to me. Right here is a little clip of that minute.
  • So far, my much-loved housemate is Chen Yi Chen. This is not even if he is handsome or because of his resemblance to Chen Kun, that takes place to be one of my favorite stars. What I in fact like regarding him is that, although he appears reluctant, he constantly claims the right points at the excellent time. Timing is important in this show, and so far, he has that down. Also, I enjoy just how conscientious he is. I am really favoring him and also Zhang Tian to be a pair at the end.
  • I enjoy exactly how confident William is, however I additionally feel that he requires to be a little much more relaxed. Due to the fact that so far, he comes off as a person that you can not really get in touch with and is also really hard to technique. Yet from the previews, I see some improvement. So all the very best to him.
  • Qi Jun is really uncomplicated, and I admire that. The only problem is that he is not one of the most conscientious person in the area. This was extremely evident while he was cooking with Wu Pei. There were a great deal of signals thrown at him, however Qi Jun was as well concentrated on cooking and also missed his opportunity to develop a proper link with her.
  • It was so unpleasant when all the men remained in the same room waiting for a text, and then all 3 ladies made a decision to message only Yi Chen. That was not enjoyable to watch.
  • Amongst the ladies, Wu Pei seems to be a lot more straightforward. She was extremely comfortable once she went into your home. She had her eyes on Qi Jun and also just went with it, however regrettably, he can not maintain her focus. I love her personality, and also I wish I could be like her in some cases.
  • I will certainly state I am more like Zhang Tian, the shy type, but I always find a way to see to it that the person I such as stays in contact with me. Zhang Tian is certainly attracted to Yi Chen, as well as she did all her ideal to obtain Yi Chen’& rsquo; s attention. Until now, she succeeded in obtaining a text from him on the opening night, but that knows what may happen in the upcoming episodes.
  • Kai Wen has not truly made an impression on me thus far, however I want to see more from her as the show advances.

To make sure that is all I have to state. Watch out for my thoughts on Episode 2. That will be a much shorter article given that I have actually already done all the necessary intros in this article. Do not hesitate to leave your predictions and ideas on the housemates so far.

Below is a link to the English subbed version of the program: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Variation) on Viki

Up until my post, take care.

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