Ivy Shao – STARS AND MOON: Song Of The Week

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So I finally made a decision to restore my weekly songs specials.

The selected tune for this week is Stars and also Moon by Ivy Shao. The music as well as lyrics for this song were composed by Victor Lau, as well as the vocalist is the Taiwanese starlet Ivy Shao. “& ldquo; Stars as well as Moon & rdquo; is an official soundtrack for the Chinese drama Sweet Battle. The show stars Lu Han (previous EXO member) and also Guan Xiaotong as leads (enjoyable reality: the lead actors are actually a real couple).

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From the really first time I heard this tune being played in the dramatization, I was captivated. “& ldquo; Stars as well as Moon & rdquo; is a very emotional tune. It mentions hope as well as the zeal to never ever pull back. This was the emotion I received from the song even prior to searching up the English lyrics. Below is the English translation:

Verse –

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  • — The celebrity is scared that when she blinks, the moon will certainly vanish as well as be gone
  • The moon holds her hand and assures to stay by her side
  • The celebrity as well as the moon agree to constantly go along with each other
  • Illuminating the globe together
  • Until the day that the moon all of a sudden stabs in the back his pledge

Chorus –

  • — The celebrity hangs on the horizon. The moon is no longer there
  • She does not desire to weep and also chooses not to fall
  • The star no longer longs. She determines to light up the world alone
  • Beaming in the evening without the moon
  • On dark evenings without you (I’& rsquo; ll keep shining)

My favorite part of this track is most definitely the carolers. I simply enjoy the message that regardless of what you experience, you have to believe in yourself and keep on moving. Ivy constantly excites when she sings. She might not have one of the most effective voice, however she sure knows just how to trigger emotions from her audience.

I expect listening to even more tunes from her since she is amazing both as an actress and also a vocalist.

That is my brief article for this tune. Till my next post, make sure

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