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May I Blackmail You? is a 2017 Japanese drama collection that tells the tale of a man named Kanji Senkawa and his personal blackmailing organization. Kanji Senkawa uses up instances that can not be dealt with by the cops or private detectives, and also he addresses them by blackmailing individuals. While doing his normal service, he satisfies the rich university student Mio Kanesaka. Kanji and also Mio get associated with various scenarios, consisting of voice phishing and also kidnappings.

Entering into this dramatization, I expected a short and sweet love tale. I additionally had a strong sensation I was going to enjoy it because I love the lead actor Dean Fujioka. My first time enjoying him was in the Taiwanese dramatization collection Just You, and he was entertaining to enjoy, he brings his characters to life. I did not understand much about the lead starlet before watching this dramatization, but I believed the Japanese drama formula. Japanese dramas tend to have really couple of episodes, so whatever is hectic. Also, personality growth and also development is a certainty by the end of the show. So I was totally certain that I would not be as well disappointed.

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This was a concise as well as simple dramatization. It had only nine episodes with each lasting for a maximum of one hour or less. Also, the main personalities had terrific chemistry. Although there were hints for something to flower between them in the future, it did not occur. Maybe if they do make a decision to make a 2nd season, then there might be some romance. So do not anticipate any kind of charming scenes from our leads. As I pointed out currently, this series has nine episodes, so it was certainly busy and also straight to the factor, as well as I took pleasure in that a lot. However I still really feel that essential history info for a better understanding of each personality was omitted due to the number of episodes.

An outstanding instance of this is Mio Kanesaka as well as her grandpa. Right initially of the show, it was explained that Mio was out excellent terms with her grandpa, yet the factor for it being so was not clearly stated. They did show how their viewpoints differed on various celebrations. I would have chosen if they offered us a flashback on the real event that triggered the hack to their relationship.

Another thing I truly appreciated from this drama was the timeline configuration. The series started from the present and afterwards flashbacked to the past to supply even more depth to the characters. Now back in the present time, we are at this critical point where the personalities need to make essential choices based on previous experiences as well as their existing learnings. I truly appreciate it when this style of timeline arrangement is made use of in dramatization. Due to the fact that it leaves me guessing, which indicates the series is not completely predictable from the start. That little enigma left by the timeline setup truly made this dramatization extra fascinating to me. Plot-wise, this was a well-written drama. When I review the run-through, it came off as the normal adorable romantic-comedy, but I was incorrect. It started light-hearted and full of dry humour, yet towards the end, the personalities came to be darker and also had more deepness to them. Simply to clarify on the “& ldquo; dry humour & rdquo; declaration, I do not mean that the comedic relief moments were not funny enough. But rather such moments were rather smooth and sarcastic in nature, so not many individuals may notice the jokes.

Likewise, this drama provided me the leading point I constantly prefer, which is personality advancement. Every personality showed some essence of growth by the end of the show. So allow’& rsquo; s talk about a few of the characters that actually stuck out to me.

# 1. Dean Fujioka as Kanji SenkawaThe only criminal, Kanji Senkawa. Kanji in the beginning seemed like a really casual individual without much to fret about other than getting his designated contracts completed. He is shrewd and extremely money-driven, but there is even more to Kanji. He actually harbours excellent remorse pertaining to the death of his partner. We later familiarize that Mio Kanesaka is quite alike in behavior to his ex-girlfriend, and that is why Kanji always differs with her. He really feels that she is also ignorant which her idea in the good nature of people is very impractical. At some point in the dramatization, I can tell that Kanji was hiding his rage as well as regrets behind the loose perspective. There was most definitely something searching him due to the fact that he would certainly in some cases go really dark with his words and actions. What I actually suched as is that at the actual end, he comprehended that retribution is not always the most effective option. But individuals that do incorrect deeds still deserve to be punished.

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# 2. Emi Takei as Mio KanesakaShe starts off being way as well ignorant as well as impractical with her belief in the great nature of individuals as well as their intend to retrieve themselves. In the beginning, I was truly shaken off by her practices. Progressively I involved admire her due to the fact that she did something that many individuals fall short to do when they struck a snapping point. And that is having the capability to stand by a first choice. After a couple of fails, Mio Kanesaka realized that images represented by others in public can not constantly be relied on. Yet she still hung on the suggestion that every person must be given a possibility to retrieve themselves. So in a way, she continued to be the very same. However by the end of the drama, she certainly was not the same naive Mio Kanesaka from episode one. She admitted to her imperfections however waited her belief. To me, that makes her a truly positive personality, as well as I LOVE HER FOR THAT.

# 3. Kasahara Hideyuki as Takanomi Nami Takanomi Nami, a political leader and uncle number to Mio Kanesaka due to her grandpa being his advisor. Takanomi played a substantial role in making Mio realize exactly how phony someone’& rsquo; s public picture can be. In the public eye, he was a righteous politician and a hero. To Mio, he was also like a relative, however she was significantly let down when she found the monster behind the ideal face. He had her abducted and also almost eliminated her grandpa just to ensure he won the upcoming political election.

# 4. Ozawa Hitoshi as Fuwa TetsuoFuwa Tetsuo, is the significant gang leader in the neighbourhood. He is corrupt and efficient in numerous wrongs, but his character attracted attention to me for 2 main factors. Number one is that his duty was a huge comparison to that of Takanomi, the politician. Below is a gang leader that the public plainly fears, however he agreed to aid Kanji as well as his team on many occasions. Secondly, his character was also a great program of strange friendships. The relationship in between him as well as Kanji was interesting to watch. They were originally versus each various other due to a situation Kanji had taken, but the fact is that friends can come from extremely unforeseen areas. Likewise, an added benefit to his personality is that he was an excellent comic include in the drama.

# 5. Maya Kyoto as Tominaga Ayako Tominaga Ayako, is the creator and also leader of a really influential charity organization in the town. She utilizes the members of her company to devote different criminal activities, including murder. For her defence, she claimed that she was assisting the much less privileged to eliminate the people that as soon as tortured them. So any individual who stands in her way will certainly also be eliminated. She was the one who adopted Kanji’& rsquo; s girlfriend and also nurtured her till she was old enough to be on her own. Regrettably, Kanji’& rsquo; s sweetheart learnt about her misbehaviors, so she had to be killed. This was an unfavorable character to see since she truthfully started her company for a beneficial function. However with time, she had shed her way as well as stopped working to admit her misbehaviors. It simply implies that no matter who you are, it is possible for you to lose the significance of on your own at a certain point. Once you realize the problem, attempt to take care of it immediately. THE EARLIER, THE BETTER.

There were several various other characters in the program, yet these were minority that really stood apart to me. As always, I have a few of my favourites scenes to show you all.

Kanji and also Tominaga Final Conflict

This was the final confrontation between Kanji as well as Tominaga. Tominaga killed Kanji’& rsquo; s sweetheart, and also he prepares to eliminate her as well. I truly like this scene because of just how well I might feel their anger, regret, and self-realization. The emotions were brilliant.

Mio’& rsquo; s First Response To Being Blackmailed

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Currently, this scene is the ideal instance of the dry humour I mentioned at the very start. It was a minute of shock and disbelief that somehow amused me. Mio’& rsquo; s preliminary response to being blackmailed was means as well calm and uncommon. Although this clip does not show it, she actually calls the criminal to discuss the ransom money for someone who has no link to her. She likewise sends him a selfie even if he asked for a photo. I imply, that sends their photo to a criminal?

Kanji and also Fuwa’& rsquo; s Ready Information

Right here we have the famous duo. A gang leader and also a criminal betting crucial details on a video game of building bricks. Not precisely what you will get out of such people. It was a funny scene to view.

Mio Faces Her Moms and dad’& rsquo;

s Awesome Mio has the opportunity to eliminate the person that caused the fatality of her parents, however she does not count on revenge. She confesses that she hates him and suches as the idea of getting rid of him for certain, but that will certainly never ever bring her parents back to life. I currently pointed out that I like just how she stands by what she counts on, as well as this scene really summarizes Mio Kanesaka’& rsquo; s character.

Alright, that is all I have to state regarding this dramatization. On the whole, May I Blackmail You? is a superb drama as well as my rating for this is a 9/10, REALLY SOLID. I advise that you all take a while to check it out. It has just nine episodes, to ensure that makes it a fast watch and I guarantee a wonderful collection from beginning to end. It is readily available on Viki, here is the web link: Full Episodes Of May I Blackmail You?

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