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Hello guys, so for today I will be introducing you all to one of my favourite Taiwanese artists ever, Bii. Initially, when I planned this segment, it was called Artist Of The Week OR Actor/Actress of the week, depending on the content. But after much thought, I decided to simplify it as Star Showcase.

Anyways back to Bii.screenshot (16)screenshot (18)

Bi Shu Jin, popularly known as Bii, is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, and actor. He was born on July 7th, 1989, to a Taiwanese father and Korean mother. His Korean name is Pil Seo Jin. He was born and raised in South Korea and only learned how to speak Mandarin after relocating to Taiwan. Bii was always interested in music and in high school, he was the lead singer for his school’s band. At age 17, he was scouted by one of the biggest Korean management companies(SM entertainment), but his mother rejected the idea of him being a singer. Later on, he relocated to Dongguan, China, to stay with his father and pursue his musical career. The stage name Bii stands for “Be, I, I,” referring to his dual personas.

I discovered Bii through the Taiwanese TV series Love Around. The opening song for the series is the title track from Bii’s second album, which was released in 2013, and this was the song that shot him to fame. I absolutely fell in love with his voice on first listen, and he broadened my music horizon. Because before hearing him sing, I only listened to Korean songs outside of my regular English songs, but he became an exception. After gaining much popularity in 2013,  many of his self-composed songs have been featured as soundtracks for various Chinese and Taiwanese TV series. A few of such dramas include Someone Like You, Bromance, Prince of Wolf, Sweet Combat, Better Man, Princess Jie You, Love Cuisine, Memory Love, etc.

So far, Bii has released 1 EP and 5 albums. The EP titled Bii and the first album titled Bii Story featured Korean and Mandarin songs and were both released in 2010. The second album Come Back to Bii was released in 2013, the third album Action Bii was released in 2014. The fourth album I’m Bii to the Double I was released in 2016, and his latest album Bii Your Light was released in 2017. He also released a single in 2018 titled “Scars.” I love the fact that he adds his stage name to all his album titles, I wonder what the next one will be called.

As for his career as an actor, he is entirely new in that department. He had a few guest roles in Taiwanese TV series Someone Like You, Love Around and Zhong Wu Yan. His first primary role was as a supporting cast in Taiwanese hit series, Bromance and last year, he got to be the lead for the Taiwanese movie, About Youth.

I am looking forward to how he grows his acting skills with time, but currently, I am more attracted to him as a singer.

My most listened songs from him are -“You’re gone”, -“Bii You Light”, -“Back In Time”, -“Love More”, -“I Wanna Say”, -“Epochal Times”, -“I Will Miss You”, -“Come Back To Me”, -“I Know”, -“All You Did”, -“I Will Be By Your Side” and -“A Fearless Tomorrow.” These are just the few that I always replay. On a regular, I listen to every song on all his albums.

If you would like to have a listen of the songs I mentioned, simply search on YouTube, Spotify or any other international music streaming app. If you would like to know more about Bii, then go ahead and watch some of his interviews and shows. I will attach a link to an international English fan channel on YouTube, where such videos can be found.

Bii’s English Fan Channel

Also if you want to check out actor Bii, I recommend you watch Bromance. It is available on Viki. Here’s the link: Bromance (TV series) full episodes

So there it is guys, that was just a little intro to my favourite Taiwanese artist, Bii. I will be doing more of this star showcases on a bi-weekly schedule, so stay tuned to find out about the other actors, actresses, and artists that I love.


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